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and president obama himself. colin powell went on the sunday shows and talk drop the so-called dark vein of intolerance that was running throughout the republican party. what evidence did he provide? that we are not left wing, that we don't believe in anthropogenic climate change or we don't believe that there should be redistribution of wealth so we don't believe in obamacare. if we would just move to let suddenly that would make is not racist. now, he should know how not racist our party is considering so many in our party were considering supporting and despite his liberalism, and he was secretary of state under president bush obviously. somebody treated very well by the republican party, but that did not stop him because now he's on the left which means that we had the bad guys. president obama did it in his inaugural address just last week also. he said a peculiar line in his speech very said that absolutism is not principal and he said that name-calling is not discussion. he then proceeded to read avoid principal and be an absolutist and suggest that essentially if you disagree wit
of american life. we saw it from colin powell, brian williams and president obama himself. colin powell went on the sunday shows and talked about the so-called dark vein of intolerance that was running throughout the republican party. now, what evidence did he provide for that assertion? that we're not left wing, that we don't believe in climate change or that we don't believe in redistribution of wealth or that we don't believe in obamacare, and if we would just move to the left, suddenly that would make us not racist. now, colin powell above all should know how not racist our party is considering how much of our party were willing to support him in 1996. this is somebody who's treated very well by the republican party. now colin powell is on the left, and that means that we are the bad guys. president obama did it in his inaugural address just last week also. he said there was a peculiar line in his speech where he said absolutism is not principle, and he said that name calling is not discussion. he then proceeded to spend the rest of his speech name calling and avoiding principle and bein
when he was nominated to be the cia director. and as an obama supporter of course i was shocked to find out who was crowned be kept on as obama secretary of defense but when he told people i found interesting and was the major reason i wanted to write this book and what he said was we are moving towards a smaller military that will do fewer things and be able to go fewer places which he felt was a terrible thing and he added i don't want to be a part of that kind of system that is going to retrench. my feeling has been we need a smaller military that will do fewer things and go to fewer places. so that is the kind of book i wanted to write. i thought that i should do it even though others have really had ma named a lot of this. i am sure you are familiar with the work of d-nd for example, who wrote things such as the american empire and years before that, john neuhaus, one of my favorite writers wrote in imperial america and other books have dealt with this with an unusual background in the sense that i spent 42 years in the government and the state department, defense department and th
. i am condensing but he creates miracles and iraq may be afghanistan. obama as an experiment bought onto it with their counter insurgency strategy. the problem is remember the book i mentioned the trade is and others are consulting regularly, it is a good book but there is one chapter called conditions for a successful insurgency that might make an effort to ground and they include a corrupt central government, a largely illiterate role population, now minister rein, a neighboring state that is used as a sanctuary sanctuary, it is a description of afghanistan. to be then drop a diagram of the typography of what it would look like you could do the overlay so he knows going in this is extremely long odds that bass. in iraq top commander, it was the third tour of duty. he brings the same on dryish, and it is common to all of us look at the prism of what we know. he had power point* slides afghanistan is not iraq. i interviewed well over 100 people and they said a problem came up he would say in and bar we did this are we solved the problem this way when time in a meeting with president
need to have a vague understanding of why the federal reserve did what it did and the obama administration did raise the deficit, bigger deficits are bad but there was a rationale for a stimulus package. but the biggest message of the book to me as the author is a paradox of the private markets ran amok but pretty effectively to put things back on track but at the end of the day you witnessed a sharp backlash you call it a big government americans are against it. but there was a reason for the government intervention the likes we have not seen since the 1930's and it would have been a preview. nonetheless you did have a backlash against the government in general, president obama, it would have been against him him, against a democratic party more generally, the federal reserve, keynesian economics which i am perfect -- prepared to defend. but what both ended the of backlash period but my favorite cartoon from the crisis appears in "the new yorker" march 2009 and it shows a page set in in medieval castle courtyard and the king said is on the chopping block. wait stop governme
in 2004 and by the way have you changed any of your views since the election of barack obama? >> guest: i remember my mother when he was nominated, hazel and khalia and i were in montrÉal. she called me at the hotel. she was i think 93 then. she said, and she was crying. [inaudible] i didn't need that telling. i always knew this. america is many places. it is a place that can be tolerant and accepting, a place where views can be moderated and differences can be reconciled. and i think a good deal of america supported vigorously the candidacy of a rock obama. and it's not only important to the black community. it's important to other americans as well. but he still faces a sort of vicious kind of ridicule from certain borders that are not unlike the america we saw when i was young in richmond, virginia. but, i think there are several americans -- i had grown tired of at least one of them. >> host: and "quitting america" you wrote america never helps anyone, even the starving and list its proposed to an american interest either strategic or economic and one cannot always distinguish one fr
england. in today's world of president obama goes to hawaii for four five days everybody goes crazy. >> churchill took his staff with him. when president obama goes there is no danger in the way there was danger in december of 41. >> just a comment. i was reading it and getting upset about how much they were eating and he had access to but you end the book with the rationing so it redeemed him. i was glad you put that there by which was earlier sudden get upset all the time. that was good. >> it was an important chapter. showed a part of churchill's character that was very important. many other people have in common. any other questions? >> churchill was known for being a poor money manager. all of the menuses and and food that he bought a, did you find bills that he paid for everything? he was famous for not paying for food and various other things in his life. >> i don't know about soups but most of the bills that i have seen and i have seen many of them are stamped paid. for instance all of the important in is that he had for his son's 20 first birthday, they were paid. i am not
obama done enough in regards to environmental regulation legislation speak with president obama has worked very hard to make progress, but there's a lot more left to be done to a couple of quick examples the president obama worked hard with the automakers to double the fuel efficiency of our cars by 2025. that is going to save consumers $100 billion a year at the pump. is going to cut our carbon emissions from automobiles and have. that's good progress. but an opportunity house for a second term is to go ahead and reduce the carbon from our single largest source, which is coal-fired power plants. we need to reduce those carbon emissions, and the epa is positioned now to issue new standards that can make a lot of progress. we all need to support it spent you wrote about the 2010 house of representatives, and as you know the 2012 house of representatives doesn't look very different. what do you think? >> it's fundamentally unchanged the complexion but we hope that republicans and democrats alike will reach across the, find common ground around ways to go after climate change, for exam
nothing and crazy lending standards and we just did not expand -- explore that before obama took over be clear. [laughter] [applause] . . we had john hodgman from "the daily show" who came out and helped us to it. being in a bookstore on a friday night people, okay so all of us really, all of us. i want to say the most important thing of all and it will be the most important thing i say tonight is thank you. everything i say after that we'll be will be straight downhill and i will tell you some of this is a big thank yous to the end. but we are here to talk about is the "the fifth assassin." people say what you where do you get your ideas for the book? i will tell you about this. nobody gets crazier e-mailed to me. the last time i was asked at the store for the inner circle someone brought me the holy grail. is that guy here? i have to ask first. he's not here? then let's talk about him because here's what happened. i promise you this is true. there was standing right of there and he comes up to me earlier and he is like red, do you want to see the holy grail? he had the crazy eyes go
, and president obama's rhetoric about the promise of america, life, liberty, justice, equality for all has already been forgotten by many, and i know that many people in america will not think of dr. king again until his holiday rolls around again next year. but i would like to us to pause to night and think more deeply about the meaning of dr. king's life and his legacy and what it has to teach the nation's present. it seems important to do that given that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. 50 years have passed. 50 years have passed since kaine's voice soared over the washington monument declaring his dream. i have a dream, it is a deeply rooted in the american dream. yesterday while i was watching president obama's inaugural address i met echoes of the speech i have a dream and when i turned off my television set, i spent a few minutes reflecting are all of us truly welcome to share in this dream? most americans i sure can be cite portions of dr. king's i have a dream speech by heart. it's an extraordinary and very familiar speech i've grown accustomed to he
it was fascinating. you know, it's like a president obama goes overseas for five days, everyone goes crazy. >> yes, when president obama goes, people pay attention and we have mass media. the back then, it was december 20, 1941. >> yes? >> is not really a question but a comment. i was reading about how much they were eating and he had access to certain things in the book with a rationing. so it redeem him. i'm so glad they put that there. i kind of wish it was earlier. >> thank you. well, it was an important chapter. it showed a part of churchill's character it was very important. a part of that many other people have in common with him. are there any other questions? >> churchill was known for being an excellent entertainer. did you find bills that he paid for everything? he was kind of that famous for not paying for food and various other things in his life though. >> i don't know about that, but most of the bills that i have seen, and i have seen many of them, aren't you that they are paid. all of the important it is that he had for his son's 21st birthday, they were paid for. that is an inter
with the highest priority. ban ki-moon called it the most urgent need and obama now the six-year search teams in all his speech. ahead of joint task force haiti in form self-confident after the quake a quote that hundreds of thousands would need to be extracted from the rubble. the rescue team specialist technology and training example but the bandages developed world offered haiti. sensitive microphones, listening device, rescue dogs. news covers pashtun news coverage focused on the rescue. a successful rescue was like an earthquake in reverse. the tone of the reporting took on a religious and. quote the new york rescue squad pulled two miracles from the rubble of haiti let the "new york daily news." a california governor arnold schwarzenegger knew the power of images remarked quote, many of us were able to watch the california restaurant live on television performed all of these medical to the first tuesday to reach haiti was dispatched at headquarters and after 10 hours, pulled out and a stone in bodyguard with minor injuries. calling it a small miracle the other teams went to the supermar
. that fear that you would feel, just becomes part of the job, and that's a good thing to me, so from obama to bush or anyone before or after, that's a good thing. that fear does disappear, and i'm not sure i would do much better, but the details you see about presidents in this book are based on my interactions with bush and what i saw there and how he reacted to that. so when you see the president reacted to his assassin here, it's better to -- we all know there's nothing easier to write about than a president, yes, mr. passport, no, mr. president. it's a terrible scene but when you feel it with redeal tails, fiction is best when it has one foot in reality. and the place we got explore, got to do camp david. i had never been there before, and i didn't know what camp david was. i knew the camp david accords. but what is this place that they go and do this? sign accords there all day? i found out that camp david has security that is better than the white house. what is going on there that they have better security than how to white house? marines and secret service. double time it's amazing
background. the senate is useful. it's just gives you a context. you feel president obama is a good team. adelle much worry about his policy positions because he will be a policy maker. the president's policy will go. the fact that they feel that they can be a good team, to me that is the important thing. allows the president nominate somebody who is just unqualified , i tend to think a leader should get to they want. >> thank you. we have to stop well. [applause] >> we would like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback. >> i have been trying to find a new lens, a new way of studying presidential character. twelve years ago erodible, first ladies and thought that it would be important to understand the presidents from the different angle. when the study the person that did them the best. for example, what possibly could die as an historian contribute to the body of knowledge of lincoln or george washington? pretty much everything that could be you written probably has been written. the greatest historians have spent years poring through the letters and the evidence t
obama administration as it arrived in 2009. our effort to cowhat think tanks do. provide ground for it an complexity and granularity about this phenomena. recognizing that the sort of clicheed image of one eyed -- and his band of the devoted and attractable fan net tack was inadequate and falsifying of the problem. so the purpose was not prosecute a particular view of the taliban but just to start to document some sections of the diversity. and some aspect of the characteristic that were otherwise not part of american debate and discourse. i'm really proud of this book. and of peter particularly whose leadership of the national security studies program at new america will be the last five years he's been one of my joys in my office to support him to watch and katherine as well. who worked very, very hard. the last thing i want to say that the book and the ideas and the research in it is part of a much broader body of work of south asia we have been engaged here in the last five years. the channel i hope you are sub describers and carried out in collaboration with foreign policy
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)